I started Clip Artsy a year ago today with two simple goals: 1) to post a new image every day for a year and 2) to win a Pulitzer prize for it. Today, one of those goals is complete!*

I’m really proud that I stuck it out with this daily/365 schedule - there were days when I was busy or tired and the last thing I wanted to do was come up with some gross sexist joke. Okay, not true, I’m always up for a gross sexist joke - just ask my wife. (She’s nodding “yes” from her cage.)

Starting today I’m moving to a more relaxed posting schedule - partly to ease the grind, partly so that I can focus on newer, more creative ways of text-raping innocent clip art. But first I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who’s chosen to Follow this blog, or who’s reblogged or liked a post— you’re all sick, and I appreciate the hell out of you.

And if you’ve only recently learned of Clip Artsy, perhaps you might scroll through the archives - there’s some quality in that quantity.

*Pulitzers are announced in April - that shit is MINE.